About me

Word wrangler. Musician. Freelance journalist, copywriter, and proofreader.

Ask any group of kids in Grade 3 or 4 what they want to be when they grow up, and you’ll hear the same answers over and over again. Doctor. Astronaut. Veterinarian. Video-game beta tester. (It’s 2022, after all.) At that age, I already had my final answer: I wanted to be a writer. It’s possible that I was a huge nerd—and it’s equally likely that I still am—but there was something about the idea of working with words that compelled me. Words, I realized even then, have the power to move people and to mystify them, to empower them and to inspire them.

My love of a good story drove me toward journalism, and my passion for helping others tell theirs led me many other places, from editing to copywriting to digital marketing.

I have done a lot of different things over the course of my life and professional career. I have interviewed Oscar and Grammy winners and written cover stories for glossy newsstand magazines. I have played guitar in a rock band on national TV and run an independent music label for which I wrote all of the PR and marketing materials. I have provided web copy and proofreading services for a variety of clients. In my spare time, I sweated out a novel about a world where raccoons are kings and dragons are real.

As far as credentials go (because some people care about such things), I have a Journalism diploma from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a certificate in Digital Communications from Simon Fraser University, and a certificate in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google Digital Garage.

For many years, I held the position of Associate Editor at the Georgia Straight, Vancouver’s news and entertainment weekly. This was followed by a stint as the Editor of CannCentral and eCentralSports, two websites owned by Media Central Corporation. I then formally crossed over to the dark side and worked as an Account Associate at Talk Shop Media, a Vancouver-based public relations agency. Currently, I am the in-house marketing copywriter at PressReader.

That’s my story. What’s yours?

endorsements & testimonials

“AS A NEW BUSINESS OWNER I have many things I’m tasked with doing besides what I’m best at. Writing is one of those tasks that has always been daunting to me. Being able to hand over that task to John, a professional with many years experience, has made a huge impact on my business. With his thoughtfully chosen words I know I am portraying my company in a professional light. If you are looking for help with regards to writing John helps by making the process simple and collaborative.” ~ Lindsay Eby, owner of Lindsay Eby Interiors

“I WORKED ALONGSIDE JOHN in the media for many years. He’s certainly one of the most talented and versatile writers and editors I’ve known. He has a natural ability to bring his own informed and engaging voice to a huge range of topics and themes. On top of that, his editing work is meticulous, precise, and respectful. He’s both punctual and dedicated to producing the best possible result, no matter what the project or task. I’d recommend his skills without hesitation.” ~ Brian Lynch, former Books Editor at the Georgia Straight